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Brasserie De Klynhoeve

A flavorful establishment with medieval roots

The Klynhoeve is one of the oldest estates in the Kempen region.

This estate was already used as a granary for the Rethy Castle in the 16th century. Local farmers paid their rent to the lord of the castle with a portion of their harvest, which was stored in this barn.

In this way, the estate, with its farmhouse, vegetable garden, and orchard, supplied the castle with all the necessary provisions at that time.

Today, it is a place of refined flavors, warm gatherings, and delightful moments of enjoyment.

Deze hoeve werd reeds in de 16e eeuw gebruikt als graanschuur bij het kasteel van Rethy. De boeren uit de buurt betaalden hun pacht aan de kasteelheer met een deel van hun oogst en die werd opgeslagen in deze schuur.

We want our guests to always fully enjoy themselves. The attentive service and warm hospitality guarantee culinary delight.

A stylish setting full of flavor.

The brasserie features many cozy corners and a beautiful terrace overlooking the castle moat.